Our local business listings and citation building service is the best in town!


Each decision of ours is backed by data derived from crawling 100s of 1000s top-ranking local pages. All-in-all, we don't mess with things that won't affect your rankings directly. 

Data-Backed: you get 1000s of hours of research and testing plus years of campaigns. 

  • Custom Campaigns: We design well-thought-out campaigns that aren't pre-made according to the client's needs, niche, and city. There is never a campaign that is the same.
  • Transparent Reporting: Reporting that is slick, detailed, and straightforward.
  • Everything we create for you is yours, including your profile, logins, and so on.
  • Our audit will show you what needs to be fixed to achieve local dominance.
  • Solid, useful citations will let Google know that you are serious about your business.
  • Consistent with any organic link-building strategy.
  • Long-lasting, timeless local ranking strategy.


Consistency is the most critical aspect of every Local SEO campaign; hence any campaign begins with a full business listings audit.

You'd be wasting money if you missed this vital move (which most low-cost rivals do).

Every campaign goes through this in-depth, time-consuming process. We keep track of both right and wrong citations to prevent duplication of effort.

The result is a thorough report with a road map for effectively correcting incorrect citations.


Local SEO relies heavily on citations from local directories.

We make sure you're in the correct directories for your niche and business with our diligent manual submissions.

This isn't your usual directory listing. Every campaign is unique, so we use one of three techniques to decide which directories to send to for each client.

Strategy 1: Ego directories: These are the most common, high-traffic authority directories.

Strategy 2: Competitor directories – We research what citations are relevant not only in your industry but also in your specific SERPs, according to your particular keywords.

Strategy 3: Competitor review directories – We perform a detailed search in competitor review directories to discover Google trusted directories.

Wherever practicable, we assert all of the most relevant directories and offer detailed instructions for all others that the client can verify. We provide a detailed report that includes all login details.



Simple directory submission is not a difficult task, but it is challenging to make them stand out. To make them count, we add geo-tagged images and videos, as well as citations and links from rich media outlets.


We specialize in creating simple whiteboard-style slideshows with music, images, and text. The videos we provide are fully optimized with geo-meta data. Plus, they are sent to the top video hosting sites, resulting in high-quality, legitimate links and citations.


You have to provide us with ten photos that are both valid and branded. We optimize, upload, and optimize again, taking into account geo-meta info. Similar to the videos, the images are then sent to the top image hosting sites, resulting in high-quality, legitimate links and citations.


The importance of social media is growing and is expected to follow the same trend in the future too. So by creating decent social citations, we make sure you're ahead of the curve and rounding out your citation profile.

We build cautious, manual submissions, including all media and material, resulting in high authority, valid links, and citations. We then submit it to social media platforms that are both influential and authoritative.


With the Business Listing Audit, we'll manually search the web to determine your exact position and deliver you an extensive report that includes:

Variations of the NAP: We'll search for any variations in your current profile (if any exist) and figure out what's causing your local rankings to suffer.

Existing Correct Citations: We'll provide you with all the citations that are already correct.

Incorrect Citations: If you have any incorrect citations, we'll show you where they are and how to address them.Citations from Aggregators: We'll review the big aggregators and inform you if any of them have incorrect data.

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