If your citations (local listings) are inaccurate, it will harm your ranking and make it challenging to develop traffic from search engines!

Why does this happen?

  • The company's address changes.
  • You get a new phone number.
  • You have several spellings of your name.
  • Local aggregators gather and transfer inaccurate information.

We'll restore your ranking health by correcting these wrong listings!



Citation correction is vital, at the same time it is a time-consuming operation. To have problems sorted, we personally reach out to email directories to get the records corrected.

This necessitates typically many rounds of manual outreach. Fortunately, we've achieved this a thousand times and hence have the procedure down pat!


We will imitate your brand throughout this campaign. We've tried a lot of different outreach models and discovered that the one that usually works is the one that comes from the perspective of "working for the business," which is why we do it this way. As a result, you might receive emails, calls from data aggregators for verification.

Packages & Pricing

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Need to know more ?

  1. First, we complete a citation analysis.
  2. Then, we find all of the missing facts.
  3. We contact each site manually.
  4. We keep track of the corrections and monitor them.
  5. Finally, we provide a full report on everything!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the cost per business or location?

The cost of the citation cleanup is per location (or NAP). If you have more than one location needing to be corrected, please contact Deem-it! directly for details on multiple location discounts.

2. Do you check the data aggregators?

We check it all Deem-it! We visit Acxiom, Neustar Localeze, Infogroup, Factual and yup, even Foursquare.

3. When you change my existing profiles, will you swap out of change pictures, etc. around my existing profiles?

As long as you have the logins for those properties, we can make those changes. If you do not, it's way harder to get things changed. Our focus is mostly on the business name, address and phone number which is the most important information that needs to be accurate. 

4. How to you handle the accounts that require phone confirmations?

It's all who you know! Since we have been mailing directories for over 3 years, we have build some great relationships. They recognize us and that is helpful. Some directories are more difficult to work with but in the grand scheme of things, we make sure we get the job done by focusing on the ones that are most important.